a tiny dose of mushy

Hang in there… I have to get just a tiny bit mushy for a second. Because my husband is just so dang good to me. On any given day I’m moving in a million directions, working on ten different projects, and he doesn’t just put up with me, but let’s me lean on him more than I should. (Have a mentioned before that he makes me a perfect latte every single morning? Which was really reason enough to marry the man.) But it doesn’t end there… Today he calls from work just to say hi. On a Friday when most people are already out of town, celebrating the 4th and eating and drinking their way through the long weekend. And because (by default) I’ve not only booked my whole summer with weddings, but his too, his 4th of July will consist of helping me prep, load, deliver, and set up, you guessed it… flowers. But rather than complain, he calls to say hi and mentions that he’s really looking forward to this weekend, that it will be busy, sure, but still fun.

Oh my god! I love this man! And did I mention he’s pretty dang good at arranging flowers?! No joke. I’ve been giving him lessons, and this boy catches on mighty quick-like. One time I couldn’t figure out how to best arrange the furniture in our living room, so I just gave up and left to run errands. I came back and voila! It hasn’t moved since.

He’s that good.

Okay, I’m finished.

On another note… I love flowers! They are just so incredible! These were left over from a photoshoot last week, and so of course I had to make use of them. I grabbed the biggest urn within easy reach and threw it all in.

Happy 4th of July!!!

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  1. kate holt says:

    so beautiful……in love with the foxglove.

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