Think New York loft, wooden floors, high ceilings,┬álarge windows, white, bright, neutral– a space that works with any color palette, any style… modern chic, bohemian, garden-fresh, over-the-top glam. A designer’s dream. Oh, Pravda Studios, I adore you.

And look! More dahlias! This lovely bride wanted bold oranges and yellows to zing against the backdrop of Pravda and have a little Anthropologie vibe. Oh yes, and lots of bud vases. 20-25 per table is what we decided would create the impact we were going for.

Brides, it seems so easy… Just snip the stems and throw them in, right? Scatter them on the tables and voila! Oh oh please don’t say that. Because when you’re working with 250+ vases in varying shapes and sizes, each little stem gets to be fussed over… How long should I cut the stem for that particular vase? Does the short round vase need a hefty flower or a few wispy stems of Cosmos? How many tall vs. how many short should go on each table? And let’s hope we’ve ordered the correct types/shapes of flowers for the styles of vases we have. There’s only 283 different glass vases to consider…

And now I’ll stop. Because you’ve probably got to thinking that I’m just a huge whiner. But please don’t get me wrong. I loved this wedding! The couple was awesome; their friends were fabulous; the team at Pravda was completely accommodating and kind. And it gave me the excuse to spend an entire day in that beautiful space working on the vases that could simply not be done before-hand. But I’m particular. Really particular. And to achieve that “eclectic vase look” without looking sloppy, it takes lots. of. time. But wow. It was worth it. These photos really don’t do it justice because to truly get the effect, you need to be IN that room, surrounded by all those tables filled with all those flowers. I actually overheard an arriving groomsmen say, “Wow, this looks awesome! And the flowers are actually normal.”

He was a groomsmen mind you. I know what he meant.

Top left photo by Pravda Studios; others by me.

5 Responses to “Normal.”

  1. so true! it’s a real craft.
    and it takes a.long.time.
    this looks like a beautiful wedding…
    (love the asparagus fern)

  2. amy merrick says:

    Amazing! Did you source all of those yourself?? Old? New?

  3. Ooooh- LOVE IT!!! I know exactly what you mean about the time it takes to get each little bud vase perfect- looks simple enough, but not if you really spend time with each individual flower and vase, and make sure that each little collection looks perfect together. Looks like you nailed it on this one- they look positively lovely!

  4. Clare says:

    I’m not a big yellow fan but what you’ve done with this palette is exquisite.

  5. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt says:

    AMAZING! I am completely blown away with your talent! and most of the pictures are yours? Beyond. So glad to have met you last night!

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