winter whites

Finally up and moving about the house after two days of the flu… it seems you forget about all the things you just had to get done when you’re sick. My bed was truly all I could focus on. And even that felt pretty miserable. But before this week is gone, I wanted to wish you a happy weekend of baking, shopping, and prepping for the holidays. Don’t go crazy on the gifts. Most people love a loaf of baked bread. A homemade candle. Your company. I know that’s a lot of righteous talk for someone who has a hard time reigning it in herself. (I’m mostly reminding myself.) Happy Friday.


3 Responses to “winter whites”

  1. Beth says:

    Gorgeous! So elegant. Happy holidays!

  2. Helena says:

    Have coco & cookies
    sit by the fire & read
    play music & have a grateful heart
    wrap up in each other & be conscious of all your treasures.
    Have a Happy Happy Christmas!!!

    It truly is the most wonderful state of mind.

    P.S Thank you for all the doses of vitamin you provide :-)

  3. LOVE this arrangement. The gold and white are a perfect combo- classy, elegant, bright… just love it!

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