Valentine’s at Anthropologie

We spent our Valentine’s at Anthropologie. My gift from James was to hang out with me for the day. You know, wake up at 5, help me set up, keep me company, make pastry/coffee runs, chit-chat with customers, enjoy his day off… Ha! We were so busy, we managed to sneak in one of those caffeine runs and then proceeded to go all day on a single ham and cheese croissant and latte. Needless to say, when we were pitching water out of the 30+ cylinder vases into the alley drain at 8:30 that night, I was more than ready for food and a few ibuprofens. And yes, it was a long day, but a good day. We sent so many happy people home with beautiful flowers. And The Whale Wins would be our Valentine treat at the end of it all…

That is, until we pulled out of the alley, stopped at the first intersection downtown and saw a homeless man walk into the crosswalk, slam his fist on the hood of our car with all his might, and proceed to shout profanities; none of this directed at us, of course, but at the young man that had also walked into the crosswalk swinging his skateboard at the other man’s head. Aww love…

Needless to say, we didn’t make it to our planned destination. After assessing the 6″ dent on the hood, we decided to file a report with our insurance company and head home. A quick bite and a bottle of wine at the nearby pizza joint would have to suffice, and did only after I arrived three minutes past when they stopped seating, gave the poor waiter a completely defeated look and politely (ahem, begged) “Please?” He consulted the kitchen and allowed us to take a table in the corner if we didn’t mind them cleaning up around us. You just gotta laugh. And James, toasting to V-Day and us and life, reminded me yet again how lucky I am. I love him.

Thank you, Julie Harmsen Photography for snapping these lovely shots!


A couple of the bouquets I snapped from instagram:


9 Responses to “Valentine’s at Anthropologie”

  1. Sally says:

    So gorgeous!!! What a perfect pop-up shop! :)

  2. The best pop-up shop I’ve ever seen! Every detail is beautiful!

  3. Tara McHugh says:

    So beautiful! I would love to do one of these too!

  4. you two are so stinkin’ cute!! looks like it was the perfect day!

  5. becca says:

    so beautiful! what a perfect day—love comes in all shapes and sizes.

  6. megan says:

    pretty stuff, girl! This was the first Valentine’s in like 15+ years I didn’t have to work and I actually didn’t do anything. Maybe florists aren’t supposed to enjoy Valentine’s.

  7. Karen Nijim says:

    So natural it pops out like your picking it right from the ground

  8. Adrien says:

    What a sweet, servant-hearted guy you have! My hubby has spent countless hours schlepping my gear at weddings, so I can relate! What would we do without them!?

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