A Summer of Color (+ A Note on Design)

I can’t believe how much color has made its way through our studio this year. It’s been fun and refreshing and makes me appreciate a wider variety of palettes. Lately, since I’ve been able to do a bit of it all, I’m not burnt out on any of it (which hasn’t always been the case in years past). And maybe I just haven’t done this long enough, but the list of color combinations and styles I’d still like to capture goes on and on. When I’m able to add in the other elements as well (candles, textiles, china, paper, food…), the possibilities increase tenfold. I still feel inspired creating a single arrangement, but bringing together all of the pieces is what I love most. It goes without saying that the same arrangement set against rich velvet creates a really different look and feel when placed on soft airy chiffon. This topic of ‘design beyond flowers’ seems to surface quickly when what I started out to accomplish was a quick blog post of colorful photos, but I suppose it’s because many people still don’t know that in additional to florals, we work closely with many of our clients on the overall design of their event.

Actually, for the wedding below, I worked with the planner (Alex from Taylor’d Events by Jennifer who was wonderful) and never even met the clients. A definite first for us, but I heard that they were thrilled with the results, thank goodness. I enjoyed this one because Alex filled me in on the clients’ personalities and style (the groom’s an artist and the bride would be wearing a red tulle skirt and sequined shoes) and then told me to run with it. With a funky, industrial, slightly rustic art gallery as our backdrop, I wanted to create something eclectic and fun, yet tasteful. A bold stripe for the linens + ghost chairs, rattan chargers, art supplies clustered on the table for guests to get creative, and vibrant jewel-toned flowers for the finishing touch. Plus, this wedding had five food trucks parked right outside the main doors, so all in all, I’d call it a success.

colorful florals





colorful florals




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