McKenzie & James

September 25th, 2013

I so loved getting to work with color for McKenzie & James’s wedding.* The bride picked this lovely palette, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. With Novelty Hill Winery as our backdrop, my goal was to soften the space and give it a feminine + a slightly rustic touch, as requested by McKenzie, but tie in the beautiful modern lines of the environment. I think we achieved a nice balance of both. (Note: First piece of advice I offer my clients, please please don’t fight your venue’s aesthetic. Just choose a great venue from the get-go and make my job all the more enjoyable.)

*My name is McKenzie. My husband’s is James. We had the same photographer, the wonderful Michele M. Waite , also capture our wedding. So cute.


au revoir summer days

September 23rd, 2013

This past weekend I didn’t have a wedding. And wow it was nice. The weather has shifted and already I’m hearing the first moans and groans about the rain, but I can’t truly commiserate because I just keep thinking about all that there is to look forward to… soups-sweaters-books-candles-baking-scarves-fires-boots-chai, and I’m ready. I know it will take just a few free weekends and a few months of grey to have me longing for the flowers again, but for now I’m loving these soggy days and the slower pace that comes hand-in-hand.

Get back to me in February or March when all I want is a bucket of freshly picked stems to play with. Everything in the arrangement below is from the garden. Foxglove, roses, (‘Sally Holmes’ and ‘Koko Loco’), windflower, goat’s beard, vinca, artemesia, quickfire hydrangea…

Matt & Melinda at Sodo Park

August 14th, 2013

Matt and Melinda are kind and thoughtful and totally in love. He sang to her as she walked down the aisle and was so genuine and in-the-moment that I may have gotten a little choked up. And… I met them in-person for the first time on their wedding day, so apparently I’m a softie. The designing happened via email and phone calls and started with Melinda’s request for blush florals and hints of silver. We have quite the collection of vintage silver and added in some antiqued mirrored trays, tall candelabras and the nude sequined linens to kick it up a notch. It was June, so I snatched up garden roses, foxglove, clematis, mock-orange, and the most beautiful branches of dogwood I’ve ever seen in my own two hands, and we ended up with this…

Photography by the lovely Michele M. Waite.


B + A | Willie Green’s Organic Farm Wedding

August 3rd, 2013

I had the pleasure of working with Alan & Becca for over a year to design their recent wedding. Originally planned for November in a modern venue in Seattle (think concrete and steel), you can see we ended up with quite a different look in quite a different environment. I’m glad they listened to their instincts and opted to plan a day that truly reflected their relationship and styles. Our inspiration and mood boards did a 180 in the process and we ended up at Willie Green’s Organic Farm on a sunny day in June–a perfect backdrop for their “Northwest farm meets French Country” design. Becca made all of the beautiful jams (Rhubarb Rosewater & Cardamom!), and I did what I do and heaped fresh fruit all over the place.

Becca trusted me. And I cannot tell you how much a designer appreciates a client that offers such trust. I of course love the flowers, but every detail helps to complete the look. We brought together hand-dyed muslin ribbon, simple kraft paper menus and signage, gorgeous linens from La Tavola, baskets, props and candlelight to create an evening that felt organic yet elegant.


dark & light

July 15th, 2013

Even though this soft color palette is a common one in the bridal world (and dare I say at times gets a little predictable), I like the way a dark background immediately kicks it up a notch, adds a nice dose of drama. And this ingredient list, it’s a good one, including some of my favorites that keep things interesting. Sure there’s the ever dependable white majolica spray roses and garden roses but then we mix in foxglove, clematis, elderberries, sweet peas, a mystery berry that my mom foraged on her way over from eastern Washington because it just looked like something I would get excited about*, and a few perfect vines of honeysuckle that filled my entire studio with its sweet scent. Up here in the beautiful PNW, we are spoiled with incredible product, and I hope I don’t take it for granted.

*Megan, I know!! (Insert sheepish eye aversion.) And it’s even worse/better when you have others foraging for you! I liked your post. You spoke true words.

lately on instagram

July 7th, 2013

The blog gets a bit quiet when wedding season strikes, but don’t let the silence fool you. We’ve been working hard around here (and also taking breaks to enjoy summer too). It’s good this year, a better balance somehow. Not fewer weddings but maybe better systems? More efficient. Or maybe it’s just not September yet, and in a few months I’ll be singing a different tune. In any case, I’m enjoying the work and variety that each event brings. Sequins blush table linens one weekend to country blues the next. This weekend we’ll be working mainly with greens and whites, relying heavily on shape and texture for interest. Amidst the whirl of activity, I try to whip out the trusty iPhone now and then to document a bit of it all, posting to Instagram for those interested. If you are, I’m


three cheers for dads

June 17th, 2013

Because when you show up at their house with yet another load of plants (that you’d grow yourself if you had the space), they just smile and say, “Pick a spot. I’ll go get the shovel.” And that’s how you end up with these incredible white peonies that the bees fight over.


inspiration: pale lilac & white

June 5th, 2013

This palette feels so peaceful. Fresh and summery and calm. I had to do an impromptu photoshoot with these leftovers because that creamy dogwood is too good to go to waste. And because styling flowers under a giant willow tree in this gorgeous sunny weather is part of the job, and someone’s got to do it.


l + p

June 3rd, 2013

My sweet friends Lindsay and Pat got married in April, and you know… It’s always a little rough when you have to throw on a dress and heels right when your feet and back are ready for a hot bath, but ‘friend weddings’ are the best. And I was so glad we were able to contribute. It’s a great party. And everyone you like is there! Plus, her mom cried when she peeked through the drapes and saw the reception all set up and sparkling. Victory. And if the bride likes it too, that’s just more icing on the wedding cake. (Kidding.) I’m so happy for you L & P! You make a good pair. Photos by Chantal Andrea Photography.

foxglove from the garden

May 30th, 2013

Despite a couple of drizzly days, I spent the majority of the long weekend outside in the garden. A bit of planting, deadheading, but mostly I picked and played.